Tournament Rules

The following are the Official Rules and Regulations for the HAWG WILD BASS TRAIL two-day tournament event series. All rules are subject to change at any time and the interpretation of these rules and regulations are for the Tournament Directors of Big Pig Promotions. All decisions are final and are not subject to appeal. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE LATEST UPDATED RULES AND REGULATIONS AT THE TIME OF THE CAPTAIN’S MEETING BEFORE EACH EVENT. YOU WILL BE SIGNING A FORM THAT SAYS YOU HAVE. THE PENALTIES FOR RULE VIOLATIONS CAN LEAD TO DISQUALIFICATION. THESE RULES APPLY TO NON QUALIFYING TEAMS AS WELL.


  1. Ties: All ties in the quarterly and overall weigh-ins for regular season and the championship quarterly events will be awarded as follows, the tying teams will evenly split the AOY points and places pay-out for the places down to the next place (example; a tie for 2nd would split 2nd and 3rd AOY points and money and the next place will be 4th). A tie for 1st place in the championship overall will be decided by the team who is ahead in the AOY points race between the tying teams. Ties in the AOY points at the end of the season from 2nd place down will be split evenly down to the next place (example; a tie between 4 teams for 2nd place will make the next place 6th). A tie for 1st place will be broken by the team who has the most overall weight for the season.
  2. Sponsors: Jerseys will be given to each Qualifying angler as part of their membership. Checks will be given out on the last day of the event all anglers will be asked (not mandatory) to wear their shirts to receive checks and take pictures. To pay out this amount of monies would not be possible without our sponsors and in order to ensure future events, it is a must to show our sponsors how much we appreciate them by wearing these jerseys.
  3. Break Downs: A team that has boat or engine failure must call in to a tournament director to alert us of the situation and if possible your location. A team may transport their fish with another team or a rescue boat after being allowed by a tournament director.  A member of the broke down team must accompany the fish with their weigh-in chip or Member Card in the other team or rescue boat, and weigh in at the rescue teams flight time. The remaining angler will not be able to continue fishing without his partner back in the team’s boat. Any cost to retrieve the broke down boat will be at that team’s expense.
  4. Take-off: Boat take off will be from the designated location announced at the captains meeting and or each morning of the event. Teams will go out by flight and boat number designated at the captains meeting and or each morning of the event. This will be done in an orderly fashion as to the amount of boats we will have. Each team will follow the directions of tournament staff and take off in line and in the order of their flight; any delay or disruption in the takeoff order may result in that team having to leave after the last flight has pulled out of the designated boat basin.
  5. Species and limits: All large mouth, small mouth, shoal, and spotted bass 12 inches and above in length are allowed at the scales, and are considered the only fish to be weighed in. No boats will be allowed more than 3 bass in their live wells or anyone else’s possession for any quarterly weigh-in period for the tournament event. Standard culling methods are allowed as long as no more than 3 bass at any time are kept in the boat.
  6. Boats, Equipment and Fishing Locations: Fishing boats 14 foot or longer with a built in, working live well and meets all coast guard safety requirements will be eligible to be used in this event. All participants must fish from their own registered boat and stay in their vessel at all times, except for weigh-ins or unless deemed an emergency during the event. Boat swapping will not be allowed at any time unless deemed necessary by a tournament director AND MUST BE A REGISTERED BOAT FOR THE TOURNAMENT EVENT AND INSURED. Very little exclusion applies and none will be legal unless tournament director approves. Anywhere an able bodied vessel can reach without manipulating bank areas. No Locking at dams will be permitted. Anglers may not leave vessels to better their positions or to get into hard to reach areas that they, or other anglers cannot reach such as but not limited to other lakes, ponds or tributaries not accessible by normal operations by boat. No pontoon barges or cumbersome vessels are allowed in event.
  7. Check-in: A team may travel by boat to the landing (at that teams own risk) but must have a morning boat check by one of the tournament staff members at least 30 minutes before flights begin to take off for the event. All teams must have a boat check at the launch site, and receive a Membership Card, chip or a sign that has your boat number to be eligible to weigh-in at official weigh-in site. If an angler loses or breaks his/her card, chip or sign they must notify a tournament official and produce a valid driver’s license or ID card to receive another card, chip or sign.
  8. Registration & Captains Meeting: Each Qualifying team will be required to preregister before each event, all members will be eligible to register online, by telephone, by mailing (postmarked no later than 10 days) or dropping off registrations to a tournament director prior to the mandatory captains meeting the night before each tournament event. One member from each Qualifying team that will be participating in an event will be required to attend the mandatory Captains Meeting before each event. The representative will need a Member Card or photo I.D., copy of their Boat Insurance and any medical information from a doctor that might be a concern to our staff. Once all teams have been registered, teams shall check in at the Captain’s Meeting, we will then begin the meeting and will announce any and all pertinent information relating to changes, hazards or awards. Once this portion of the meeting has concluded we will be announcing the takeoff order for the teams with their flight times. Any other materials or information will be announced and the meeting will come to a close.
  9. Membership: Each Qualifying team member will be required to become a member of this organization to allow all information of each individual and teams are accurately entered into our data bases to make it a fun and organized events tour. Each member will receive a membership number allowing that member to access their profile on our website to follow their progress throughout the tournament season. In addition each angler will receive membership perks such as but not limited to, tour jerseys, monthly newsletters, and lake and regional fishing weather and hazard reports. Alternate anglers will be required to pay a $40.00 administrative fee for membership and may be required to pay an additional $40.00 if status is changed to a primary team member with tournament director approval. Alternate anglers will be able to fish all regular season tournaments. An alternate member can be an alternate for more than one team.  The alternate fee is still required from each team that uses the alternate on their team.
  10. This is a team event:
    1. We will allow a Non Qualifying team to fish individual events, no AOY points will be awarded to those teams or will affect the AOY points of any Qualified Teams. Entry fee for Non Qualifying teams is $330 per event, the optional big fish side pot is $50 per event.
    2. A Qualifying Team by definition according to Big Pig Promotion is consisted of 2 original team members and 1 alternate. All qualifying team members must become a member of the Wild Hawg Bass Trail to be considered eligible to fish the Championship. All Qualifying teams are allowed 1 missed regular season event but will be required to pay all 5 regular season events to qualify for the 6th and final Championship event. AOY points for missed events will not be awarded to those teams who miss the event. 
    3. A team may use his/her alternate at any time during the regular season event to fill in for an absent team member during a regular season event at that teams discretion, an alternate will have to upgrade to full member in order to compete in the Championship. If one of a team’s primary members cannot fish an event the remaining angler must fish with their alternate for that day, unless deemed so by tournament directors. An alternate may be permitted to participate in the end of season championship (with two tournament directors’ approval). Special circumstances may apply depending on each situation and is at the total discretion of the tournament directors.
  11. 11.Event Time: HWBT shall run on Central Standard Time.  Event hours shall be safe daylight until 4:00 pm central standard time. The final weigh-in of the first flight will begin at 4:00 pm and flights will be at 20 minute increments for both days of the tournament. Flights will be determined at the Captains Meeting.(Winter Months – February and March – Day light savings time) Shall be safe daylight until 3:00 pm central standard time (4:00 pm Eastern) for Saturday and 2:00 pm central standard time (3:00 pm Eastern) for Sunday.
  12. Off limits: The off limits designated for each event we will post on tour schedule. Official off-limits begin 12:00 A.M. the Monday before each event, and run through the 11:59 P.M. Wednesday before the event.
    1. No member, alternate member OR NON QUALIFYING MEMBER OR TEAM is allowed to be on the tournament waters.
    2. No member, alternate member OR NON QUALIFYING MEMBER OR TEAM are allowed any outside information about the tournament waters to help them in finding, locating or catching fish on the tournament waters.
    3. No member, alternate member, OR NON QUALIFYING MEMBER OR TEAM  or other person acting on behalf of member, alternate member OR NON QUALIFYING MEMBER OR TEAM are allowed to “bait” or place brush piles or other fish attracting devices in tournament waters during the 2017 Hawg Wild Bass Tour season.
    4. Official practice days end the Friday evening before the first tournament day at 6 pm Central Standard Time. Off limits begin again until Official Tournament starts. (Boating to and from tournament site is allowed)
  13. Liability: All anglers must sign Big Pig Promotions release of liability form for 2017 to be eligible to compete in and receive money from any event with Big Pig Promotions during the 2017 season. A copy must be on file with Big Pig Promotions. The signed release will cover all Big Pig Promotions events through 2017. Neglecting or refusing to sign the release can cause forfeiture of any winnings and banning from our events at the discretion of the Tournament Directors. By competing in any Big Pig Promotions events means you understand and agree with this rule.
  14. SPORTSMANSHIP • All Members shall follow the highest standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, to BPP, the HWBT, BPP’s Sponsors, the sport of fishing and Big Pig Promotions’ efforts to promote our sport and our great outdoors. Conduct not complying with these standards includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Negative attitude or bad-mouthing toward this Tour, belligerent and unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting, yelling, cutting in line, pushing, shoving etc…
    2. Consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages or any kind of mind-altering substance during the Captain’s Meeting and or Tournament Hours.
    3.  Suspension/disqualification, probation or ban from any tournament or fishing organization.
    4. There will be no caging, baskets, or stringers allowed at any time. Any angler caught storing, housing, or attempting to cheat in any way during this event will be disqualified and escorted off of the premises by law enforcement officers, no exceptions!!!!!
    5. In case of any conduct not complying with the standards outlined above, Big Pig Promotions reserves the right to refuse an application to compete, to deny a confirmed application to compete by returning the entry fee, to disqualify a Member or Team, and or impose a penalty.
    6. Any other words, conduct or actions that reflect unfavorably upon our efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition, compliance with tournament rules and the good name of the HAWG WILD BASS TOUR, BIG PIG PROMOTIONS OR OUR SPONSORS.
  15. Safety: Safe boating must be observed at all times. Members are required to wear a fastened U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device anytime the combustion engine is running during tournament hours. All engines must be equipped with an emergency kill switch that must be securely attached to the driver’s body whenever the combustion engine is running. All persons must be seated and a driver must be behind the steering wheel in full control of the boat when getting or on plane. No standing on the outboard motor during tournament hours is allowed. At the discretion of the tournament director, tournament days may be shortened, postponed or canceled due to unsafe weather or water conditions.  Members may leave their boat and seek shelter in bad weather or when danger is eminent. Team must stay within sight of each other, except to weigh-in.
  16. Tackle, Baits and Methods: Only one rod and reel can be used by each angler at any time and must be in hand. There will be no usage of live baits, seines, nets or baskets, to catch or store fish illegally. Artificial baits only, may be used during this event, with the exception of pork rind trailers and biodegradable soft baits. Cast and retrieve methods and jigging only, no trolling. Only standard methods of bass fishing with artificial baits. No angler can scoop fish, receive fish from another angler or bystander and No snatching of fish while fishing or sight fishing. Dip nets for assisting anglers while fighting a bass with a reel and rod will be allowed.
  17. Weigh-ins: Each team will have a designated flight weigh-in time for both weigh-ins for both days. Every team will be required to be at the appointed official check in station (announced at the captains meeting and/or the morning pre-tournament meeting) this official check in station will be highly visible and you will be required to show the tournament staff members your teams event number while moving into the weigh-in scales. You must be checked in by your designated quarterly weigh-in time. Any angler that is not in line or has not been checked in will be penalized 1 pound per minute up to 10 minutes and then will be disqualified from that quarters weigh-in and will lose any fish in their live well at that time. Any team that has been disqualified from a quarter will be allowed to continue the rest of the events weigh-ins once that team has had a boat check and has emptied their live wells. IT IS NOT mandatory for any team to weigh-in at every quarterly weigh-in, it is at each team’s discretion or strategy whether or not they weigh-in. All teams will be required to weigh-in at their designated weigh-in times, no one will be allowed to weigh-in at an earlier or later weigh-in flight time, any violation of this rule if not authorized by a tournament director will result in that quarter’s disqualification.
  18. Polygraph: All anglers in any BPP event are subject to a lie detector examination. Any angler that refuses will automatically be disqualified and will no longer be eligible to attend any other event thrown by Big Pig Promotions. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol shall be used during the tournament event. No drugs prescription or otherwise will be allowed before or during a lie detector examination and angler caught taking nerve pills, muscle relaxers, or any other drugs to alter the results of a lie detector exam will be subject to a blood test and/or automatic disqualification.
  19. State and Federal Law: All state and federal laws must be obeyed at all times.
  20. Penalties for violation of, or failure to comply with, any of the rules for the 2017 HAWG WILD BASS TOUR will be as follows:
    1. Dead Fish: A dead fish penalty of .25 equivalent to 4 oz. will be assessed to any teams’ fish that is deemed as a dead fish by the tournament staff designated for that duty.
    2. Late Entry Fee or Bounced Check: There is a $30 late fee for registration after the 10 day pre-event deadline. A team that submits an entry fee pass the deadline, is at their own risk of not being qualified to fish that event. If a team submits a check the is returned by the bank for lack of funds, that team is responsible for the immediate submission of the entry fee to be paid to Big Pig Promotions and any extra bank or legal fees associated with the returned check.
    3. Check-In Late Penalty: Teams that do not make it to the official check-in point for their scheduled flight time will be penalized 1 pound per minute late, starting by taking off the weight of their big fish up till 10 minutes, after that they will be disqualified for that quarters weigh-in.
    4. Laws: Any team found to be breaking state and or Federal law will be disqualified from that event.
    5. Polygraph: Any member who refuses to take the polygraph will be disqualified, lose any and all rights to any prizes, monies, sponsorships and will be banned from all events by Big Pig Promotions
    6. Weigh In: All teams must weigh-in at their designated flight time, not before, not after, unless authorized by a tournament director or will face being disqualified for that quarter.
    7. Take Off: Teams that are not in their flights take off position will be forced to leave after the last boat in the last flight is released.
    8. Sportsmanship: Teams or team members who violate the rules of good sportsmanship shall be dealt with on an individual basis and shall be subject to various penalties up to being banned from any or all events by Big Pig Promotions.
    9. Species and Limits: Teams who bring a species not included in Species and Limits will be disqualified for that quarter. Teams who keep more than 3 fish in their live-well during tournament hours will be disqualified for that quarter and are not allowed to keep those fish for the next quarters’ weigh-in.
    10. Tackle Baits & Methods: Any team that brings a fish to the scales that the Weigh Master or Tournament Director finds may not be abiding by the rule for Tackle Bait and Methods, shall be subject to polygraph, if failed or denied will be grounds for disqualification from the event.

All rules must be read and understood by each team member, for any questions about rules please contact one of the tournament directors. This will be one of the polygraph questions “Did you read and understand all rules and regulations?”


NOTE: Updated rules are online as well as a hard copy on site for anglers to read. 

For clarification or questions about these rules contact Jerry Harvey (850) 819-2719