Terms and Conditions

This membership agreement is a product of Big Pig Promotions. We reserve the right to change or revoke any membership at any time. All Personal Information we collect shall be kept in STRICT CONFIDENCE at all times.

I fully understand my responsibility as an angler and that Big Pig Promotions will not be held liable for any changes or delays in any process of this membership, including but not limited to, delays in mail service, misprinting of members names, numbers or related topics. I understand as a member of the Hawg Wild Bass Tour, that this membership’s main purpose is to ensure a commitment allowing for a correct and accurate participation list for the success of the HWBT. I also understand that any prizes or gifts offered by Big Pig Promotions are a courtesy and I do not hold Big Pig Promotions liable for any aspect of wrong doing for the tour, membership and general purposes related to this organization on or off the event locations. I have read and understand all the rules and tournament guidelines of Big Pig Promotions and the HWBT.